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Quality PP FILTER BAG manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

PP Filter Bag(Micron Polypropylene Filter Bag) have a lower fiber release, more defined pore size and greater retention efficiency than other filter media(filter bag).
Liquid PP filter bag offer high efficiency filtration and have a high solids catch capacity and competitive filter bag price.  COX Filter Cloth produce micron Polypropylene filter bags have their outside surface singed or glazed to prevent fabric fiber from the bag getting into the clean, filter process media.
Micron Polypropylene felt filter bags are generally compatible with most fluids except those considered aromatic solvents or strongly alkaline. Liquid Polypropylene filter fabrics(liquid PP filter bags) are recommended for prefiltering acids, aqueous and most solvent solutions. They are also used as a final filter for noncritical filtrations to reduce costs.  Needle felt micron Polypropylene filter bags can be used at temperatures below 90℃.
Liquid micron PP Filter Bags manufacture by needle felt PP filter fabrics. PP micron filter cloth select high quality Polypropylene material 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200micron filtration rate are available  and standard size is 7″ x 17″, 7″ x 32″, 4″ x 8″, 4″ x 14″ and 6″ x 20″

Liquid Polypropylene Filter Bag
Item 1# PP Filter Bag 2# PP Filter Bag 3# PP Filter Bag 4# PP Filter Bag 5# PP Filter Bag
Size(mm) Φ180*450 Φ180*810 Φ105*230 Φ105*380 Φ150*509
Size(inch) 7″*17″ 7″*32″ 4″*8″ 4″*14″ 6″*20″
Tolerance ≤0.3-0.8(mm)
Bag Area(m2) 0.25 0.5 0.056 0.115 0.3
Filtration rate 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 micron
Material 100% PP(Polypropylene) filter media
Filtration pressure 1.03-1.72(kg/cm2)
Working temperature Micron Polypropylene filter bags can working below 90(℃)
Neck material The bag neck ring will be stainless steel or PP(Polypropylene) plastic

Polypropylene Filter BagPolypropylene Filter Bag Micron Polypropylene Filter Bag
PP Filter Cloth   PP Filter Press Cloth

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  1. viagra says:

    Great micron filter bag for polyester and pp material we order last time…

  2. Gdxlx says:

    how about 500g p84 filter fabric prices now? Send us characterization of fabric bag filter for dust collection. I know your company is dust filter bag and liquid filter bag manufacturers from our local sellers. As a liquid filter bag suppliers, does pp filter cloth and polyester filter mesh fabric in stock?

  3. Gall says:

    Can you offer some polyester filter cloth which can use for water treatment?
    How about mesh size micron rating for polyester filter bag.
    Please send more detail of micron filter bag size and filter bag material(polyester, pp, pa).

  4. Neoa says:

    Polyester filter bags and pp fabric receive in good condition, we will send to out customers later.

  5. Argen says:

    Great quality PP filter bag and liquid polyester filter bag. Meticulous Care.

  6. Zem says:

    Polyester filter bags and micron filter fabric have high quality. PP filter bag is good feedback from end users.

  7. Gary says:

    Hi, received the polyester filter bag and fiberglass filter bag. The quality can replace BWF, good service.

  8. Solic says:

    It is in good conditon while receive the polyester filter fabric, our customer enjoy the quality polyester filter bag. Thanks for your free micron pp filter bag sample.

  9. Taf says:

    Quality Liquid PP filter bag and polyester filter bag receive here. Hope order more dust bags soon.

  10. Prle says:

    Quality pp filter bag and polyester filter bag receive here and thanks for your great service.

  11. Cqi says:

    We receive your polyester filter bags and pp micron filter bag, it in good condition. Great quality. What is max temperature does p84 filter media can working for long time?

  12. Rewerts says:

    I was honored to receive your quality liquid polyester filter bag and pp filter bag. Thanks for your excellent service.

  13. Roea says:

    Dear Eric,polyester filter bag and pp filter bag received already, all bags are in good condition.We test some and it in great quality. Thanks for your support and glad do business with you.

  14. Sac says:

    Many of our customers give good feedback of your polyester filter bag and pp filter bags.Good company, great service.

  15. Lode says:

    Good quality PES bags, pp filter bags receive from your side.Great service.TKS for your nomex filter fabric sample.Believe we will have more cooperation future.

  16. Phereuri says:

    Our customers give great feedback after use your PP filter bags and polyester filter bags after appliction on their filters.Thanks your good qulity bags and great service.

  17. Undu says:


  18. فرهمند says:

    با سلام ، من پارچه صافی رولی یا متری از جنس PP یا PE می خواهم مقاوم در برابر اسیدهای ترکیبی تا دمای 80 درجه باشد. (ابعاد روزنه ها 1 میکرون و برای تصفیه محلول) دستگاه صافی من سانتریفیوژ است و این پارچه را می خواهم به دور ظرف متحلخل بپیچم. لطفا راهنمایی کنید. با تشکر

  19. ประสิทธิ์ เฉลิมกิจ says:

    ต้องการผ้ากรอง ไปใช้ในเครื่อง Filter Press
    ซึ่งผ้ากรองมีขนาด 800 x 800 มม. จำนวน 90 แผ่น
    โปรดให้รายละเอียดเกี่ยวกับผ้ากรอง PP

  20. อุษา says:

    PPS, nomex filter bag and fiberglass filter bags are receive in good condition. We will offer feedback after we use it.Thanks for your support and quick response.

  21. mohamed says:

    Great polyester filter bag and micron pp filter bags.

  22. THANCHANOK says:

    Quality polyester filter cloth and pp micron fitler bags.

  23. Anmy says:

    Good service as your bags quality. I am so happy to cooperate with your company.

  24. Aoy says:

    PP filter bag and pes micron bags receive in good packing.

  25. Aym says:

    Nomex filter bags fit our filters well. PP and polyester filter bags still used in our filter. It meet our customer requirement exactly.

  26. Ybiz says:

    Both micron pp fiter bags and dust polyester filter bag is well. Good company,good service.

  27. Jack says:

    Nomex filter bag and pps filter fabric received today. Thanks for your liquid pp and polyester filter bags samples.

  28. madrid says:

    I am extremely liked the liquid filter bags quality. Good cooperation. Excellent luck to cooperation with your company. all the very best!

  29. Bella says:

    I hate shopping liquid pp filter bags and dust polyester filter bags this time. Good cooperation with COX.

  30. Omibi says:

    super quality filter bags have here, thanks a lot for making support to us!

  31. Fetty says:

    good 5mciron pe & pp liquid filter bags. great servcice.

  32. Jade says:

    Quick response, good service. Qreat quality micron pp and polyester filter bag.

  33. Tita says:

    Good quality pp filter bag, we glad cooperation with you company. Quick response.

  34. Pvgd says:

    Good service, quality polyester and fiberglass filter bag, competitive price. your micron pp filter bag also have good feedback.

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