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Quality PPS FILTER BAG manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

PPS Filter Bag can bear chemistry nurturing inherently, keep good filtration performance among the abominable environment, reach ideal service life.

Ryton Filter Bag working temperature is 190 degree and instant working temperature can reach 220 degree, which is the best filter media for anti-acid, anti-alkali, hydrolysis resistant, but pps filter bag not so good at anti -oxidant, and applied in waste treatment, electric station boiler, industrial boiler, etc. 

PPS Filter Bags widely for dust collecting in cement plant, iron and steel plant, power plan, chemical plant. PPS Filter Bag also used in coal boiler, rubbish incinerator, power plant of fly ash filtering of pulse clear dust catcher PPS filter fabrics are an ideal filtration material.

Material PPS Bag(needle felt fabric)
Basic Weight (g/m2) 500
Thickness (mm) 1.8
Air permeability (m 3 /m 2 /min) >15
Tensile Strength Warp >1250
Weft >1350
Elongation (%) Warp ≤40
Weft ≤60
Burst Strength (Mpa/min) 2.55
Continues Working Temperature 190 ( )
Instant Working Temperature 220 (  )
Finishing Treatmen Signed,calendering, heat-set

PPS Filter Bag(Needle Filter Fabric Cloth)    PPS Filter Bag(Needle Ryton Filter Fabric)-COX Filter Cloth

PPS Filter Cloth

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