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PP Filter Bag(Micron Polypropylene Filter Bag) have a lower fiber release, more defined pore size and greater retention efficiency than other filter media(ફિલ્ટર બેગ).

Liquid PP ફિલ્ટર બેગ offer high efficiency filtration and have a high solids catch capacity and competitive filter bag price. COX Filter Cloth produce micron Polypropylene filter bags have their outside surface singed or glazed to prevent fabric fiber from the bag getting into the clean, filter process media.

Micron Polypropylene felt filter bags are generally compatible with most fluids except those considered aromatic solvents or strongly alkaline. Liquid Polypropylene filter fabrics(liquid PP filter bags) are recommended for prefiltering acids, aqueous and most solvent solutions. They are also used as a final filter for noncritical filtrations to reduce costs. Needle felt micron Polypropylene filter bags can be used at temperatures below 90℃.

Liquid micron PP Filter Bags manufacture by needle felt PP filter fabrics. PP micron filter cloth select high quality Polypropylene material 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200micron filtration rate are available and standard size is 7″ x 17″, 7″ x 32″, 4″ x 8″, 4″ x 14″ and 6″ x 20″

Liquid Polypropylene Filter Bag
વસ્તુ1# PP Filter Bag2# PP Filter Bag3# PP Filter Bag4# PP Filter Bag5# PP Filter Bag
Bag Area(m2)
Filtration rate1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 micron
Material100% PP(Polypropylene) filter media
Filtration pressure1.03-1.72(kg/cm2)
Working temperatureMicron Polypropylene filter bags can working below 90(℃)
Neck materialThe bag neck ring will be stainless steel or PP(Polypropylene) plastic

Polypropylene Filter BagPolypropylene Filter Bag Micron Polypropylene Filter Bag

PP Filter Cloth PP Filter Press Cloth

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  3. Gall says

    Can you offer some polyester filter cloth which can use for water treatment?
    How about mesh size micron rating for polyester filter bag.
    Please send more detail of micron filter bag size and filter bag material(polyester, pp, pa).

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    Polyester filter bags and pp fabric receive in good condition, we will send to out customers later.

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    ต้องการผ้ากรอง ไปใช้ในเครื่อง Filter Press
    ซึ่งผ้ากรองมีขนาด 800 x 800 มม. จำนวน 90 แผ่น
    โปรดให้รายละเอียดเกี่ยวกับผ้ากรอง PP

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жидкости Ламинатор для полипропиленовой рукавной ткани мешки 75 микрон мешки полипропиленовые для фильтрации мешки фильтрующие тканые мешок 150 микрон для фильтра филтърна торба 1 микрон saszetki z pp na ciecze filterposer pp filtre micron bag nylon filtre sac 25 microns filtre tissus 50 micron filtrer sac de flanelle filtri pp filter filtro 180 micron filtro bag polipropileno filtro bolsa polipro filtru polipropilena 1 micron filtru propilena 3 microni filtyr chanti fltration cloth and pore size G2 филтър микрон 150 микрона geweven filtermateriaal gia ca vat lieu loc polypropylen gia vai bo tui xach filtre liquide 0 25 microns filtre feutre 100 micron filtersack filtersäcke pp filtr tkaninowy mikronow filtr z polipropylenu 3 mikrony filtracne vrece Filtračné vrecko PP 25 μm filtrační plátna 10 mikrometrů filtrační sáčky 5 mikronů filtrační vak 1 mikron filtration de liquide 150 microns filtration par sacs en pp non tissé filtration sur toile ou tissu filtrant la taille filtre 1 um 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