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Quality NMO50P3S manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.


Data Sheet NMO50P3S  NMO50P3S


Minimum Quantity: 25
Size: Size 3 (4×7)
Material: Micron Nylon Filter Mesh Cloth
Micron Rating: 50
Style: Metal Ring
Ring Material: Steel

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Precisely woven to ensure accurate filtration (absolute rated bags), this monofilament mesh withstands temperatures up to 325 F.NMO50P3S NMO50P3SSS NMO50P3SSSA NMO50P3SSSAC NMO50P3SSSAH NMO50P3SAC NMO50P3SAH NMO-50-P3S-SS NMO-50-P3S-SS-A NMO-50-P3S-SS-A-C NMO-50-P3S-SS-A-H NMO-50-P3S-A-C NMO-50-P3S-A-H BNMO50P3S BNMO50P3SSS BNMO50P3SSSA BNMO50P3SSSAC BNMO50P3SSSAH BNMO50P3SAC BNMO50P3SAH BNMO-50-P3S-SS BNMO-50-P3S-SS-A BNMO-50-P3S-SS-A-C BNMO-50-P3S-SS-A-H BNMO-50-P3S-A-C BNMO-50-P3S-A-H NM050P3S NM050P3SSS NM050P3SSSA NM050P3SSSAC NM050P3SSSAH NM050P3SAC NM050P3SAH NM0-50-P3S-SS NM0-50-P3S-SS-A NM0-50-P3S-SS-A-C NM0-50-P3S-SS-A-H NM0-50-P3S-A-C NM0-50-P3S-A-H BNM050P3S BNM050P3SSS BNM050P3SSSA BNM050P3SSSAC BNM050P3SSSAH BNM050P3SAC BNM050P3SAH BNM0-50-P3S-SS BNM0-50-P3S-SS-A BNM0-50-P3S-SS-A-C BNM0-50-P3S-SS-A-H BNM0-50-P3S-A-C BNM0-50-P3S-A-H BNMO50P3SWE BNMO50P3S


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