PTFE FILTER BAG, China PTFE FILTER BAG, Quality PTFE FILTER BAG manufacture by COX Filter Cloth.

PTFE filter bags made by needle ptfe filter fabric which is a kind of fabric which material can stable extremely chemical properties. COX Filter Cloth use 100% Teflon material manufacture the teflon filter bag fabric which provide an excellent combination of filtration efficiency and near zero emissions.

PTFE filter bag can maintain excellent chemical stability under different working conditions, so ptfe filter bags and needle teflon fabric mainly used in the fields of chemical industries, waste incinerator, and high temperature liquid filtration.   

The advantages of PTFE filter bag and needle filter fabric as following:

1. PTFE filter bags can continuous working in 250 DEG C and operating  instant temp. can reach 280 DEG C

2. Teflon filter bag as the filter media can absolutely anti acid, alkali and oxidation and hardly combustible

3. Needle Teflon filter bag  is  one of the unique filter media which is no aging fiber in kinds of filter material.

4. Needle PTFE filter bag can widely used for the most vicious working conditions, with extremely long durability, usually life cycle more years.

PTFE Filter Bag-COX Filter Cloth Ltd.

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