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Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag - Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag

Quality Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

Eaton HAYFLOW™ is popular brand for Filter Cartridge.
COX don’t manufacture any Eaton or HAYFLOW™ brand Filter Bag, we only supply Replacement HAYFLOW Filter Bag with best price.

Replacement HAYFLOW Filter Bags combine the benefits of a filter bag with those of a filter cartridge into a new, rugged filter element with optimum filtration performance. The filter area of HAYFLOW™ filter elements is up to 65% greater than standard filter bag. Extended service life and long intervals between filter changeouts lead to reduced operating costs. Up to 65% more filter area in a compact, easy-to-use filter element. Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag

Data Sheet Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag  NMO400P3P

Switching to Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag from standard bags is easy. Use your existing housing and use a HAYFLOW restrainer basket to hold the elements. Choose from polyester or polypropylene material – each able to handle high flow and a range of temperatures. Take advantage of the space saving and efficiency of the HAYFLOW filter element today.

Replacement HAYFLOW Polypropylene Extended Life Felt(POXL) Filter Bag

Original Part Number Filter Bag Style No. Micron Rating Size
F5873339 POXL-1-P02HAY 1  #02(7″x32″)
F5873349 POXL-5-P02HAY 5  #02(7″x32″)
F5873359 POXL-10-P02HAY 10  #02(7″x32″)
F5873369 POXL-25-P02HAY 25  #02(7″x32″)
F5873379 POXL-50-P02HAY 50  #02(7″x32″)
F5873389 POXL-100-P02HAY 100  #02(7″x32″)

Replacement HAYFLOW Polyester Extended Life Felt(PEXL) Filter Bag

Original Part Number Filter Bag Style No. Micron Rating Size
F5873399 PEXL-1-P02HAY 1  #02(7″x32″)
F5873409 PEXL-5-P02HAY 5  #02(7″x32″)
F5873419 PEXL-10-P02HAY 10  #02(7″x32″)
F5873429 PEXL-25-P02HAY 25  #02(7″x32″)
F5873439 PEXL-50-P02HAY 50  #02(7″x32″)
F5873449 PEXL-100-P02HAY 100  #02(7″x32″)

Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag  has higher flowrates reduce the size of bag filter housings by up to 50% and lowers the initial costs of the filtration system
Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag Extended service life is up to five times longer than standard filter bags
Long intervals between filter element changeouts reduces operating costs
Residual liquid hold-up is only 25 % that of similar size filter bags
Patented SENTINEL® seal ring prevents liquid bypass.
Low differential pressure results in less energy consumption of pumps.
Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag Simple to insert into existing bag filter housings with new HAYFLOW™ restrainer basket
Replacement Hayflow Filter Bag Easy element changeout.
Replacement Hayflow Filter Bags’ Materials of construction are free from silicone and crater-forming substances.

HAYFLOW™ one brand of Eaton Corporation, COX don’t manufacture any Eaton or HAYFLOW™ Filter Bag.
We only supply Replacement Filter Bag which can replace HAYFLOW™ well.

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